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Tarrazú Gesha - Purple Honey

Tarrazú Gesha - Purple Honey


Geisha or Gesha is a variety of coffee believed to be originated in the Gesha village in Ethiopia. It is considered to produce a very aromatic and floral cup of coffee. 
  • Origin: Finca La Montaña, Tarrazú.
  • Process: Purple Honey or Natural. (Natural is the process given to the coffee cherry after being picked from the tree. Natural processing implies that the whole cherry is dried together (exocarp, mesocarp and endosperm, i.e.. pulp, parchment and bean). The whole hull (dried pulp and parchment) is then removed mechanically to obtain green coffee.
  • Taste: Blueberries, Winey.

  • Smell: Fruity aroma

  • 100% Arabica.

  • Weight: 12 oz (340 grams).