Home Brew

Home Brew

You go to Bohío, and the barista prepares a Red Honey Pour-Over that makes you want to purchase every bag.

You leave with high hopes of drinking quality coffee every day that tastes of its’ quality.

You get home and it doesn’t taste the same.




“Well, maybe I don’t have the right equipment; they did weigh and time everything…”

“…Or maybe I added too much water?”

“It could be that something happened to my coffee on the plane…”


To ease your concerns, we would like to tell you that making coffee is difficult! Therefore, we have come up with a recipe and a guide to help you!


How to Make a Red Honey Pour-Over at Home Using Minimal Equipment

Needed Supplies:

  • Red Honey Process Coffee
  • Water
  • Coffee Grinder (a small hand grinder will do; can be found in any home essentials store or on Amazon for less than $5)
  • Dripper (sold in most supermarkets, or you can find one on Amazon for less than $5)
  • Coffee Filter
  • Measuring Cup
  • A Timer (a phone)


Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients


-For an 8 oz cup of coffee: 1 cup of water (300 ml)

-For a 12 oz cup of coffee: 1.5 cups of water (450 ml)

Heat your water until it is steaming, not bringing it to a boil.

Once the water is ready, transfer the water into a cup or pitcher that is easy to pour from.


-For an 8 oz cup of coffee: about 3 tbs. of Red Honey Beans (20 grams)

-For a 12 oz cup of coffee: about 4 tbs. of Red Honey Beans (30 grams)

Grind your coffee. You don’t want the coffee grounds too fine or too course. The grind size can be compared with the consistency sea salt. We have included images to help you. It might take a couple of cups for you to calibrate your grinder until you have the aimed grind size. 



Step 2: Clean Your Filter

Filters are made of paper, smell like paper, and can leave traces of this flavour in your coffee. In order to minimize this possibility, wet the coffee filter. It is best to use hot water.




Step 3: Prepare Your Dripper

Take your wet filter and place it in the dripper. If the filter is too large for your dripper, you can fold the sides to make it fit.

Put the dripper over a large cup; just make sure the cup you place the dripper over has more volume than the cup of coffee you are making.



Step 4: Put the Coffee Grounds into the Filtered Dripper



Step 5: Pouring the Water

Using your cup/pitcher of steaming water, pour in a circular motion.

First, only pour enough to cover the coffee grounds.



Once the grounds are submerged in water, start your timer.



Wait for 30 seconds. Waiting for 30 seconds will permit the gases from the beans to be released. 

Pour some more water and then wait until that water has dripped completely.




You are going to continue this pouring and waiting process until all of the water has been used.





The goal is for an 8 oz cup of coffee to be finished dripping in 3 minutes, and a 12 oz cup of coffee to be finished dripping in 5 minutes. If it is taking longer, then your grind size is too fine. If it is taking a shorter amount of time, then your grind size is too course. Continue calibrating your grinder accordingly.



Step 6: Enjoy Your Coffee!


Photographer: Damien Alvarado