For Our Mocha Fans

For Our Mocha Fans

Many have noted the recent changes of our menu, and have become fans of the new ingredients. We find ourselves fortunate to live in an area where natural products exist so abundantly, which is what drove the desire to enhance our menu through the use of local products.

Switching from Hershey’s chocolate to a local organic chocolate was one of the changes we were looking forward to most, but was the most difficult change to implement. The search to find a convenient and reliable cocoa farm was not easy, but the time and effort were well worth it once we discovered Macaw Lodge.

Macaw Lodge  

Macaw is an eco-resort created on the basis of sustainability; it is a place where lovers of nature can go to experience an incredible hospitality exchange of comfort and hone into creation to find harmony with the environment. Aside from bird watching, rainforest walking, waterfall hiking, horseback excursions, kayak fishing, sustainable farm learning, and night exploring, Macaw Lodge contains a cocoa plantation which offers an authentic Costa Rican cocoa experience.

With 1500 trees, Macaw is able to produce enough chocolate for all the Bohío Mocha Lovers! Not only does the chocolate taste incredible, the process it goes through before making it to the cup we serve is equally amazing!

Here, the cocoa plant and fruit are still in the beginning stages of growth.


A harvested cocoa fruit ready to be picked


After the fruit is picked, the seed is removed and dried.


Then, the seeds need to be ground.


A mocha lover's favorite place- the cocoa kitchen

After adding a few ingredients and spices to the ground cocoa, and waiting hours for the mixture to churn, the chocolate is ready for us to serve to you!

We thank Macaw Lodge for providing the Jaco community and guests with a substantial Costa Rican cocoa experience! 

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