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Keep Drinking Coffee

There are many advantages to working at Bohío; the main benefit being the convenient access to the best coffee! There are some days I question my coffee intake, which led me to research the composition of this widely consumed beverage. What I found was rather helpful; I will never question my intake again, if anything I will drink more! Here are 5 reasons why you should continue drinking coffee, or start! 1. Coffee is energizing Studies have shown that caffeinated coffee has a beneficial effect on alertness and improves overall performance based on the time of day that the coffee is consumed. (1) Why is this? The caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then travels to...

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For Our Mocha Fans

Many have noted the recent changes of our menu, and have become fans of the new ingredients. We find ourselves fortunate to live in an area where natural products exist so abundantly, which is what drove the desire to enhance our menu through the use of local products. Switching from Hershey’s chocolate to a local organic chocolate was one of the changes we were looking forward to most, but was the most difficult change to implement. The search to find a convenient and reliable cocoa farm was not easy, but the time and effort were well worth it once we discovered Macaw Lodge.  Macaw is an eco-resort created on the basis of sustainability; it is a place where lovers of...

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6 tips on how to plan a successful field trip

The benefits of living in this beautiful country are vast, especially when you are in the coffee industry. Some of the best coffee fields are located a few hours away. The appropriate time to pick the coffee cherries is approaching, and to ensure the quality Bohio wants to offer, we planned a trip over to Tarrazú to experience and compare various green bean coffee providers. I could write about what I learned in the coffee fields that day, but to be honest, I learned more about how to plan a field trip than I did about coffee.    1. Check to ensure your mode of transportation is adequate for the journey you are to make. Google Maps said the fastest...

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